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 Bible Lands As Classroom DVD Series [2 DVD Set]

The DVD series “Bible Lands as Classroom” presents a historical, cultural, and geographical context of the Bible. The script was written by Dr. Krijn van der Jagt and Dr. Ray Pritz. A group of United Bible Societies consultants specialized in Old Testament and New Testament reviewed the script. The DVD was filmed in various locations and contains authentic footage from sites such as the ancient cities of Ur, Nineveh, and Babylon in present day Iraq, as well as Susa and Persepolis in present day Iran. The series is a two-week training course for Bible translators. It can be used in part or in whole for different educational and ministerial functions by schools, colleges, and church groups. Bible Societies may offer the series for sale and use them for ministry and public relations.  

  • Ideal learning tool for those who have never visited the Land of the Bible

  • Detailed audiovisual picture of the context in which the biblical texts originated (geographical, sociopolitical, historical).

  • Developed by highly qualified Bible Translation Consultants  

 Price US$ 40 



The Works of their Hands: Man Made Things in the Bible


(A wineskin: from the Handbook)

It was not long after people were created that they began to manufacture objects to make life easier and more enjoyable. Adam is barely out of the garden of Eden when we read that Jubal was “the ancestor of all musicians who play the harp and the flute,” and that Tubal Cain “made all kinds of tools out of bronze and iron” (Gen 4.21, 22).  The Bible mentions at least five hundred distinct objects manufactured by  humans, and these can present a special challenge to the translator. While there is much that is common to all human experience, and basic material needs remain fairly constant, a number of factors can make it difficult to find the proper equivalent when translating a word for a particular material object.

The end result is that one present-day culture may not have a word for an object that was  common in the lands of the Bible three thousand years ago, while another culture may have ten words for varieties of the same object.  The Realia Handbook explains man-made objects in the Bible, by  classifying them in ten general categories. This has the advantage of placing in close proximity the discussions of objects that were found in similar settings and that were related to each other in usage. This volume, like others in the UBS Helps for Translators, concentrates on exegetical information for translators, attempting to indicate possible solutions for translational problems related to language or culture. However, many church leaders and interested Bible readers have found the UBS Helps for Translators useful and informative, and this volume will be no exception.  

  • Covering more than 500 distinct man-made objects.

  • Hundreds of full colour illustrations.

  • Unique reference tool for translators, church leaders and students.

     Author Dr. Ray Pritz  Price US$ 52.00 (plus Shipping)